Alpha Products

A.K.A. experiments
We've been experimenting with lots of stuff for the last 24+ months.
From the bull run spring of 2021 through late 2022, we've backlogged over 5000 issues in our primary repository and managed to made 3000 pull requests and updates to our KodaDot codebase—and some have been wildly fruitful.
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Successful product experiments

Web3 merchandise shop

As OGs, we are aware that there were many attempts to launch cryptocurrency shops. However, most of them were uninteresting, with only the Layer1 logo on display. In our case, we have taken advantage of the opportunity to create unique branding for our events and showcase distinctive designs at each conference. Moreover, we have started collaborating with artists and communities. Our merchandise aims to showcase premium designs from artists in our marketplace and support the community. Early adopters who partner with us will benefit from being featured in our shop.
Barely two months in since our February 2023 launch and BOOM - we hit the century mark! That's how we define success.


With these types of NFTs, we've enabled users to reveal particular phrases for their owners of NFTs. It's still in private beta, yet if someone would like to use it, we can help onboard, reach out in KodaDot Ecosystem Telegram


We've made our merchandise shop even cooler.
At Polkadot MiniConf, we created unique NFTs for local participants to unlock exclusive content with unlockables.
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Bounties network

The entire KodaDot experiment began quite wildly. We faced difficulties in finding reasonable developers on fair terms during the bull run without resorting to exorbitant payrolls. We had previously enjoyed a positive experience with Gitcoin, so we thought, "Why not give it a try and add some labels to our repositories?"
Experiments have been constantly evolving, and now they're a crucial pillar of KodaDot DAO. Currently, code contributors receive $KSM rewards, and those who have made 20 impressive pull-requests are eligible for baseline payroll. Moreover, they can also receive additional bounties as motivation for quick delivery.

Pay per contribution model

This comes after we've been exploring how the model with bounties works, but it still needs a bit more automation. We believe in gig work, so we're looking for ways to leverage these strategies across other products and eventually open-source it for others.
Hence we've processed over $300k in bounties for our contributors; we've been looking ways to make it a seamless reward link for contributors. We've established an internal URI, which works for our needs and looking forward making it as public product

Payrolls - KodaDot Transfer in private beta

We've processed over $500k through our transfer dialogue based on past dispatched payrolls. These days we are reworking the transfer flow; in the future, it will be a fully-fledged app for your web3 team to use natively. Currently supported currencies are $KSM, $DOT and there will be support for $USDT in the future. If you want to use KodaDot Transfer, feel free to do so! -
Payrooll in KodaDot -

KodaDot API - Uniquery

Our secret at KodaDot is that we offer the most endpoints for NFTs in the Polkadot ecosystem. We've decided to share this know-how, playing positive-sum games with others and providing a seamless API to build on top of. Learn more about Uniquery in our Achievements section.

Fandom Shops

We've been exploring ways to enhance blue-chip collections and, more importantly, accommodate customizations of storefronts required for each gaming collection of artists to feel native. Under the hood, it's supercharged by KodaDot technologies. To some extent, we've found a win-win situation. We've leveraged our KodaDot API and created a quick demonstration. The good news? More than three storefronts are already in the wild using our API in its infant stage.

Community building