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Learn more about Assey Hub on Polkadot or Kusama. How to mint on Asset Hub, how to bridge funds on Asset Hub, and more.

Polkadot is a network consisting of numerous independent blockchains, referred to as parachains. These parachains operate simultaneously to facilitate quicker transactions, all while enjoying the security and decentralization of Polkadot as a whole.

The Polkadot Asset Hub is a parachain created for the common good, with the purpose of creating and sending fungible and non-fungible (NFTs) tokens throughout the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

We distinguish between two Asset Hubs - One for Polkadot and one for Kusama. Both are supported on KodaDot.

  • Polkadot Asset Hub (Ahp) - native token is DOT

  • Kusama Asset Hub (Ahk) - native token is KSM


Learn more about how to mint your NFTs on Asset Hub. Decide which chain you want to use and jump on it. One of the main differences during minting is the fee structure. In both cases, you pay deposits that will be returned if you decide to burn the collection/NFT you created. Minting on Polkadot AssetHub is more expensive.

👛pageMinting on Polkadot Asset HubðŸĶ…pageMinting on Kusama Asset Hub


Here you can find all the info about paying fees on Ahp or Ahk:

🅰ïļpageAssetHub Fees


Your DOT and KSM tokens must move to AssetHub chains so you can buy/mint/transfer/list your NFTs. Only after that are you able to interact with these NFTs and pay transaction fees.

➡ïļpageMoving your funds TO Asset Hub

In case you need help moving your funds out of Asset Hub, here is a tutorial:

⮅ïļpageMoving your funds OUT of Asset Hub

Note: As a system parachain, the Asset Hub has a trusted relationship with the Relay Chain and, as such, can teleport DOT/KSM between itself and the Relay Chain. That is, DOT/KSM on the Asset Hub is just as good as KSM on the Relay Chain.

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