KodaDot Exhibitions

It is an exciting way to showcase digital art and educate the public about this innovative medium.
One of the goals we have is to connect people with the same passion - art. That's why we organise physical NFT exhibitions. During these events, we focus on promoting digital art, enlightening people about its significance and the technology behind it, building connections, and enjoying amazing art.
Another goal in hosting these exhibitions is to connect the digital art world with the traditional art scene. By presenting digital artworks in a physical space, we make them more tangible and accessible to a broader audience. This helps in breaking down barriers and misconceptions about NFTs, making the digital art world more inclusive and understandable.
The benefits of these exhibitions are significant. They provide a vital platform for artists associated with KodaDot to gain visibility and recognition. By bringing their digital creations to a physical audience, we open doors for increased sales, collaborations, and artist growth. Moreover, these events are perfect for fostering community engagement. They draw together individuals who share an enthusiasm for art and technology, creating a vibrant space for networking and exchanging ideas.
Additionally, by educating the public about the intricacies of NFTs and digital art, we're expanding the market. This not only benefits current artists and collectors but also attracts new participants to the NFT space, fueling the overall growth of the ecosystem.

Exhibitions that make sense

Here are some events with NFT galleries organized by KodaDot. Each event is different, with its own specifications. In some of our exhibitions, we also enriched the experience with the inclusion of conferences. These conferences added an educational and interactive element to the events. The art showcased in these galleries was the primary attraction, driving the essence and theme of each exhibition.


Where: Brno (Czech Republic)
When: November 2022
Link: DOTBrno
Our first offline NFT gallery at KodaDot marked a significant milestone for us. This event, featuring many intriguing projects from the Polkadot ecosystem, was a resounding success. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees was the best reward. This all-day event, enriched with insightful speakers, an engaging program, complimentary merchandise, and delightful food, set a high standard for our future exhibitions, underlining our commitment to bringing the world of digital art closer to the public. Here are a few pictures from Brno:

Polkadot Metaverse Championship

Where: Budapest (Hungary)
When: December 2022
Link: Championship
This was a 4-day hackathon: an exceptionally interesting event because it was full of surprises with an extraordinary program and a beautiful venue. Many projects participated, and with them, of course, KodaDot. Part of the venue was separated from the gallery. The atmosphere during this event was energetic. Click here to watch the after-movie from this event.
Oh yes, and they also took NFTs to a partybus

Sub0 closing event

Where: Lisbon (Portugal)
When: November 2022
Link: Here
After a week-long Polkadot Sub0 conference during which you had a chance to hear Gavin Wood talking about the future plans of Polkadot and its position in the crypto world, we had an amazing closing event. This exhibition here was one of the smaller ones we had. But it was a highlight of the evening, with people trying our interactive AI minter.

First Berlin Exhibition

Where: Berlin, Germany
When: September 2022
During the Berlin Blockchain Week, we organized an NFT exhibition that was truly remarkable, mainly due to its unique location in one of Berlin's underground venues. This unconventional setting added an edgy, immersive atmosphere, making the experience unforgettable for attendees. The raw, urban environment of the venue complemented the digital art on display, creating a perfect fusion of modern art and gritty urban culture. This event showcased a diverse range of digital artworks, highlighting how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the art world. The event attracted a large number of attendees, ranging from art aficionados and tech enthusiasts to curious newcomers, all drawn by the buzz of innovation and creativity.

Polkadot Prague

Where: Prague, Czech Republic
When: Jun 2023
The Polkadot Prague 2023 event, a two-day conference as part of the Prague Blockchain Week 2023, occurred on June 5–6, 2023, at the picturesque Gabriel Loci in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. It was the second year of this event, organized by the KodaDot team. This was an excellent opportunity for artists to showcase their art. Everyone could participate. You could see older and new collections showcased on big screens. Together with chill area this was a highlight of the event.

NFTs in Prague

Where: Prague, Czech Republic
When: Jun 2023
Our event, "NFTs in Prague," was a vibrant blend of education, art, and fun, emphasizing the artistic essence of NFTs. We had various speakers talking about the future of NFTs, highlighting various projects, and educating attendees. This gathering was specially designed to enlighten attendees about the world of digital art through an engaging and interactive experience. A standout part of the program was painting, which artists painted on a wall, that was later transformed into NFT as a special memento to attendees who claimed them. It was a memorable and enlightening experience for everyone involved.

Koda. On-Chain Exhibition

Where: Berlin, Germany
When: September 2023
Link: Exhibition
This exhibition took the city by storm, celebrating the convergence of art and technology in the form of digital art, NFTs. This remarkable event, held in the heart of the German capital, left a lasting impression on attendees and marked another important milestone for KodaDot. The event, which showcased a diverse range of artworks, brought together both local and international artists, transforming the traditional gallery experience into a digital wonderland. Read more about this event in our wrap-up article.

Buenos Aires Exhibitions

Where: Buenos Aires (Argentina)
When: December 2023
Two meetups were organized this month. One was for Polkadot people, and the other one was for Polkadot Blockchain Academy attendees. During both events, KodaDot art was available on big screens.

What's next?

Looking ahead, we are eagerly gearing up for more exciting ventures in the world of digital art. Building on the experience gained from our previous exhibitions, we're brainstorming innovative ways to make future events even more engaging, interactive, and educational. Our plans include not only organizing additional exhibitions but also contributing our art to shows hosted by other art projects, constantly reimagining the attendee experience.
A key focus for us now is on generative art, and we're particularly thrilled about organizing an exhibition solely dedicated to this captivating form of digital expression. This shift reflects our commitment to exploring new frontiers in art and offering unique, thought-provoking experiences to our community.

Our physical NFT exhibitions are more than just events; they are a cornerstone of our commitment to advancing digital art, supporting artists, and educating the wider community about the exciting possibilities within the NFT landscape.