Conference Ambassador

Conference remote presence ambassador

Thank you for helping us by bringing KodaDot to another conference. You will be attending events as a team member. We aim to introduce our project to a new audience and help them understand it more.


We are a multi-chain NFT marketplace in the fast-growing Kusama (Polkadot) ecosystem with very low minting and transaction fees. Currently, we are supporting 5 NFT standards (RMRKv1, RMRKv2, MoonBeam, MoonRiver, Basilisk), and another upcoming 3 are work-in-progress (Astar, Gear/Vara, Statemine). Our rich developer community got us among the top 3 Polkadot projects, and we are the top 1 dapp by GitHub metrics in the Polkadot ecosystem.

More highlights about KodaDot

  • KodaDot’s offline galleries: Not only can you sell your NFTs online, but there is an opportunity to have NFTs displayed and promoted during offline events. Read more about these events here.

  • Minting NFTs currently on RMRK (Kusama) and Basilisk (royalties, offer-making).

  • KodaDot has its own co-working space in Bled, Slovenia where projects from the Polkadot ecosystem can come to build:

Your tasks

  • Be able to talk about KodaDot

  • Focus on: programmers, artists, NFT-related projects (gaming)

  • Set up merch on the booth or smart spot

  • Giving away a free discount code for Kodashop

  • Present opportunities we have: (use QR codes)

    • Ambassador positions + Art ambassador positions

    • Referral program

    • Programmers: instant rewards for code contributions - opensource Github - anyone can come, contribute, and get rewarded

    • Artists to mint their NFTs on KodaDot.

  • Taking pictures for our social media. We will be tweeting and posting about the event.

    • Our merchandise on the table (try to find a good angle)

    • People with our shirts on (we are happy also for your picture 😄)

    • Our stickers somewhere

    • KodaDot’s presence during the event

  • Post on your Twitter that you are there

  • Collecting contacts of people: (ideally Telegram, Twitter)

    • interested in Kodadot

    • interested in collaborations

    • NFT-related projects

  • Show people how to use our platform from the phone (more on a call)

  • Enjoy the events

Homework before you go

  • Fill out your calendar so we have an idea of which days of events you attended.

  • Follow our Twitter profile to be aware of campaigns/news currently happening.

  • Go to and play with the platform a little.

    • check popular collections and NFTs

    • connect your Talisman wallet

    • try KodaDot through mobile NovaWallet so you can demonstrate it on the conference

    • try to look at various insights of collection

    • try minting (optional)

  • Read about KodaDot’s co-work space: Subwork: here

  • Go through essential links to have an idea of what's happening in KodaDot

  • Download pictures with QR codes - important links here! You can use them while networking, each picture has information about where the link leads.

After event

Prepare a list of people/projects you connected with during the event. We recommend you do this daily after the event.

Networking tips

  • After you meet someone, exchange contacts, and send them immediately a message with your name, project (KodaDot), and a short message about where you met, what you talked about + a link to KodaDot Twitter. You can also tell them that we may contact them.

  • Ask them to do the same, so you will be able to go back to the messages you got.

Are you interested?

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