ðŸ”ĩTeleport (Bridge)

If you want to move your assets between chains, you will need to teleport (bridge) them. Here you have a complete and easy guide on how to do it.

It's important to remind you that bridging funds between chains will just move your funds between different chains we support. Your funds can always be returned to the main network, and they don't lose value when you bridge them. The process of bridging is very quick and simple.

Step 1: Open Teleport

Go to https://kodadot.xyz, connect with your wallet, and click on your profile (circle in the top right corner). Your profile will open up. Click on the Teleport Bridge option.

Step 2: Choose your chains

  • Source chain: Select from where you want to move your assets

  • Destination: To what chain you want to bridge your funds

Your options will show when you click on the field. You cannot bridge randomly between the chains. Your options will be shown once you click on the Destination chain.

It's always possible to bridge your funds back to where you bridged them from.

Step 3: Select the amount and Confirm the transaction

Select the amount that you want to transfer between chains and click on Proceed to Confirmation. Confirm the transaction popup and wait a few seconds.

Congratulations! Your funds were successfully bridged.

Where to find my assets?

In your profile, you should be able to see all your assets on all your chains.

  • First row: Chain - on which chain your asset is

  • Second row: Token - what kind of asset/token is on that chain

  • Third row: Balance - the number of tokens you have

  • Fourth row: Balance - your balance in USD

Transaction fees on the destination chain

Teleports come with an additional fee on the destination chain. This fee is deducted from the teleported amount of DOT or KSM, and it's very low (in cents). Remainder: The remaining amount needs to be greater than the existential deposit of the destination chain. Otherwise, the entire balance you teleported will be lost!

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