Personalize your profile on Koda and add your profile picture, contact details, and other details you may find useful. This will allow you to have a proper identity and have better touch with others.

Every user will now be able to connect his address with his created identity. Creating a profile is free, and anyone can do it. People collecting NFTs can finally show their faces and creators have now better idea about who bought which NFT.

1) Open your profile

Go to koda.art and log in with your wallet. In the top right corner, open the sidebar and click on View profile.

2) Create your profile

Click on Create a Profile, and you will have two options.

  1. Your profile will be filled via your Farcaster profile (requires confirmations in the app - follow the steps that you will receive

  2. Fill out your profile manually (add your name, details, and links to your profile manually)

Once you confirm the changes, it may take a few moments to load.


Following accounts is, at the moment, only allowed between users who created their profiles. Very soon we will allow following of all profiles.

Enjoy your new profile!

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