Polkadot and Kusama Asset Hub (former Statemint and Statemine) are system parachains on Polkadot and Kusama for creating and sending fungible and non-fungible (NFTs) tokens.

Native tokens of AssetHub are DOT and KSM. To be able to do any transaction on AssetHub, you need to teleport your assets. If you're interested in teleporting your DOT or KSM to Asset Hub, you can find detailed instructions here:


Deposit fees - how do they work?

Deposit fees are a bit different. After creating a collection and adding NFTs to it, you will pay a specific amount of deposit fees. Any collection/nft added to the Asset Hub is saved in the blockchain storage. This storage is replicated, and every change is tracked (by transactions). To prevent spam, parity proposed a returnable deposit.

Your deposited fees will be unlocked when you burn NFT/collection. Only the owner of the NFT can do that, so if someone buys your NFTs, you cannot burn them. Also, you cannot burn the collection if there are still NFTs in it.

Table with Fees

NameAssetHub PolkadotAssetHub Kusama


0.20064 DOT

0.006688 KSM


0.005 DOT

0.000167 KSM


0.002 DOT

0.0006709666617 KSM


0.002 DOT

0.000666666666 KSM

Enjoy minting!

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