Frequently Asked Questions about KodaDot

1. What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are unique digital items stored on blockchain that have a designated owner. In a process called 'minting', you can create NFTs using your cryptocurrency wallet and the blockchain.

2. What are KodaDot and Kusama?

KodaDot is a community-managed NFT platform operating on an eco-friendly blockchain. Kusama is like a testing ground for the Polkadot network, sharing the same core architecture and utilizing a nominated proof-of-stake consensus. It's a place to experiment and innovate in the Polkadot ecosystem, often resulting in unexpected outcomes or "chaos".

3. Why build on Kusama/Polkadot instead of Ethereum?

Building on Kusama/Polkadot provides several benefits. Substrate, the framework for constructing blockchains used here, offers upgrade capabilities and optimum efficiency. It also allows for shared security and scalability. Our choice also stems from potential future costs of Ethereum and its current environmental footprint.

4. Is KodaDot funded?

At this point, KodaDot is funded through Kusama Treasury for the initial phase. We are actively exploring other funding avenues and could potentially hold a private funding round. If this interests you, feel free to connect with us on Discord.

5. Where can I access the latest KodaDot press kit?

The current KodaDot press kit can be accessed here (link required).

6. How can I sell or buy KSM?

KSM (with any currency depending on the platform) can be purchased or sold through platforms such as Binance, Bybit and our RAMP network integration.

7. How do I update metadata for the extension?

For metadata updates in the extension, go to > Settings > Metadata. Click 'Update metadata', then refresh your window. Your chain types should now be updated.
In case you have more questions, feel free to connect with us on Twitter or Discord.

8. What can I mint on KodaDot platform?

On KodaDot, there's a wide range of content you can mint or create, like static photos (.jpg, .png, .svg, .tiff, .bmp), moving images (.gif), videos (.mp4, .webp), audio files (.mp3, .flac), 3D objects (.glb), and internet text/data (.json). Do remember to follow the Code of Conduct and appropriately classify any NSFW content during the minting process.

9. Where are the files stored?

The storage for the NFT files is primarily on Pinata Cloud and the IPFS (Interplanetary File System) network. Our long-term plan includes an integration with ArWeave for the permanent storage of NFT Metadata under the Permafrost project.

10. How do I set my Identity?

You can learn more about setting up your identity in KodaDot here.

11. What is an Existential Deposit (ED)?

In Polkadot network, a minimum amount of 1 DOT for Polkadot and 0.0000333333 KSM for Kusama is required to keep an address active. This minimum amount is referred to as the Existential Deposit (ED). It helps to prevent the "bloating" of the blockchain state from accounts with minimal or zero balance.

12. Can NFTs be moved from one collection to another?

Currently, this feature is not offered. If you'd like to propose such changes, feel free to raise an issue on our GitHub page.

13. How can I sell my NFT?

If you didn't set a price for your NFT when you first made it, go to your profile, choose your NFT in 'Created', and click on 'LIST' to set a price.

14. How do I deal with errors?

We deliver daily incremental updates to resolve issues. Clearing your browser cache can also help. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, you can message us on Twitter or Discord with a screenshot of the error message.

15. What if I've minted an NFT, but it didn't show up?

Sometimes it can take a minute for your minted NFT to appear. You can check the status through the Subscan Explorer.

16. What if I receive a "Low balance error"?

Double-check if you have transferable KSM in your account. If it's staked, it won't be available. Visit > Comptes, and unfold 'balances' to check your transferable amount.
For any other questions, you can reach out to us on Twitter or Discord.

17. What are NFT royalties?

Royalties are financial payments that original creators earn each time their NFT art is resold. Artist royalties are automated on each resale, ensuring creators always receive a percentage of the sale price.

18. Do you have Royalties stream settings?

Yes, we support Royalties on Basilisk and RMRK2.

19. Is there an official KodaDot token?

No, KodaDot has not issued an official token. Keep an eye on our official social media channels for updates and be cautious of scams and false information from unofficial sources.

20. What does SEND, BURN, and LIST mean?

SEND allows you to send the NFT to another user, BURN lets you destroy the NFT permanently, and LIST enables you to list your NFT for sale.

21. Can I purchase NFTs from my phone?

Yes, you can! KodaDot supports the Nova wallet for purchasing NFTs from your mobile device. We've prepared a video walkthrough and article explaining how to use this feature.

22. Can multiple people buy my art simultaneously?

Currently, RMRK does not have chain logic to prevent more than one transaction in the same block. If this occurs, it's up to the artist to either refund the additional buyers or mint the same NFT as a token of gratitude.

23. What is Kusama/KSM?

Kusama is a proving ground for projects that want to move fast and innovate on the Polkadot network, which shares the same underlying architecture. $KSM is the native cryptocurrency used for transactions on the Kusama network.
Finally, for any other inquiries, feel free to connect with us on Twitter or Discord.

24. How do I handle transaction errors?

If you encounter an error, first try clearing your browser cache. This often fixes common issues as we regularly release updates and your browser might have cached an older version. If this doesn’t work, send us a screenshot of the error message on Twitter or Discord, or raise an issue directly in our GitHub repository.

25. Can I open the developer console?

Yes, if you're using a Mac, you can open the developer console on Chrome by pressing Option, CMD, J, or on Firefox by pressing Command+Option+K.

26. Is it possible to move NFTs from one collection to another?

Currently, this functionality is not available. If you wish to suggest such a feature, feel free to raise an issue on our GitHub page.

27. What is the maximum size of the NFt I can upload?

At the moment, the maximum size of the NFt that can be uploaded is around 30 MB.