Welcome to the onboarding guide for RMRK1.0 on Kodadot, the open-source Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace on the Kusama network.

RMRK 1.0 Standard on Kodadot

What is RMRK 1.0?

Step into the realm of RMRK 1.0, an innovative standard for minting NFTs within the vibrant Kusama network. In the world of RMRK 1.0, we utilize "remarks," akin to secret codes inscribed on the blocks of a blockchain, creating a unique universe for each NFT.

How does RMRK 1.0 operate?

Imagine a blockchain as a bustling train station, with each block representing a train. Within these trains are compartments filled with transactions, moving from one station to another. RMRK 1.0 paints unique murals or "remarks" on these train compartments, creating a distinct identity without tampering with the passengers inside (transactions).

Take, for example, our friend Alice, who starts her journey with 5 Apples, symbolized by the mural

ALICE::Init::Apple::5. When Alice decides to share her Apples with Bob, she can create a new mural:


RMRK 1.0 ensures Alice has enough Apples in her basket, verifies that she's the artist behind the mural, and confirms that Bob is a legitimate friend to share Apples with.

Unique Features of RMRK 1.0

RMRK 1.0 breathes life into the concept of NFTs by introducing on-chain emotes, fostering a dynamic and engaging user experience. This standard is a simple yet potent tool that allows users to store multimedia references, resembling a digital canvas where creators can paint their imagination, just like familiar NFT standards such as Ethereum.


RMRK 1.0 unravels a new pathway for NFT creation and interaction on the Kusama network. While its successor, RMRK 2.0, may have taken center stage, understanding RMRK 1.0 is akin to appreciating the foundation that supports the majestic edifice of advanced NFT standards on Kusama and beyond.

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