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The future is bright, and we bring you brand new tools for artists who would like to showcase their art in a better, new way.

Dear creators, in the near future, we will announce brand new possibilities for you to enjoy the KodaDot platform even more. The goal is to make it more interactive and give you better options to customize your collections. There are also exciting features we want to have.

Fandom page

We are currently building an option for you to have your own Fandom page on KodaDot. You will be able to select your NFT collection and create a whole page for it.

What is a Fandom page?

A fandom page is a page dedicated to your art, specific collection, or NFTs. Usually with your custom URL. It's easy to share and it's good if you do not want to share links to a marketplace with other art. It gives you the option to highlight only your work.

You can also customize colors, backgrounds, and other things.

Example of a custom-made page for a collection created by our for our anime waifu minter: https://fandom.kodadot.art.

Are you interested in having your own fandom page?

Please fill out this form.

Expect big things, nothing less. If you have ideas that we can help you make real, share them in our Discord.

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