What is KodaDot migrator?

Migrator is a service KodaDot offers to collections on RMRK1 or RMRK2. All collection owners who created these collections can decide if they want to move their collection to another chain.

Why should I migrate my collection?

RMRK1 and RMRK2 are chains that are not getting any attention, and no team in the ecosystem is building them. It's always better to have your art and collectibles where the activity is.

Where can I migrate my collection?

You can migrate your collection or NFTs to Asset Hub Polkadot or Asset Hub Kusama.

What can I migrate?

You can migrate collections or individual NFTs.

  • Migration of collection: Only the collection owner (the account that created the collection) can migrate the collection. Migration will migrate the collection and NFTs that are owned by the same owner (for example, NFTs that were not sold or NFTs bought back by the collection creator). NFTs that were sold to other users will have to be migrated by those users.

  • Migration of individual NFTs: NFTs that belong to a collection can be migrated only if the collection was first migrated by its creator. In this case, you will see your NFTs on the migrator page under "waiting for your action section".

How much it costs?

Collection: You have to pay fees on both chains, the one you are migrating from and the one you are migrating to. Depending on where you are migrating your collection or the NFT, you will need to cover fees/deposits for:

  • Burning old collection

  • Collection Existential Deposit

  • NFT existential deposit

  • KodaDot fee

You should be able to see a summary of the fees once you start the migrating process. More about fees here:


How do you migrate your NFTs?

Go to KodaDot and click on your profile in the top right corner. In the bottom of the sidebar, select the option Migrate.

Migrator page:

  • You can see the FAQ on the right side.

  • Source and Destination chains on the bottom left side.

  • On the bottom of the page you should see collections/NFTs that are eligible to be migrated.

Select collections/NFTs you want to migrate and follow the instructions as they appear.

Can't find your collection? Make sure you are connected to the correct account/address that owns the collection.

Issues with the migrator?

The best thing you can do is open an issue directly in our GitHub repository and describe what happened. You can also join our Telegram chat and ask in the /help channel.

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