Welcome to the new age of NFTs with RMRKv2. As a platform that equips NFTs with superpowers, we're excited to have you onboard to explore the limitless possibilities that await you.

RMRK 2.0 - NFT Standard

What is RMRK 2.0?

RMRK 2.0 is an advanced Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standard built on the Kusama and Polkadot networks. Think of it as the next-generation model of a car, offering unique features and functionalities that go beyond the capabilities of ordinary vehicles.

How does it work?

RMRK 2.0 operates based on a system called "remarks," which are akin to graffiti on blockchain blocks. Imagine a public wall where people leave their messages - that's what these remarks are in the world of blockchains. These messages do not change the wall itself, but they communicate important information to those who know how to interpret them.

The rules for interpreting these graffiti are called RMRK. Just as an art critic might interpret different graffiti to understand the underlying message, the RMRK rules interpret these blockchain graffiti to simulate certain types of interactions without the need for smart contracts.

In the new version, RMRK 2.0, we introduce the concept of NFT legos. Picture these as individual pieces of a Lego set. Alone, they are simple, but when combined, they can create intricate and complex structures. This concept allows for the development of rich and smart NFT projects without the need for custom logic and smart contracts.

Unique Features

Nestable NFTs

One of the standout features of RMRK 2.0 is the concept of Nestable NFTs. Imagine a dollhouse owned by a doll, that's what Nestable NFTs are like - NFTs that can own other NFTs. Sending an NFT to another NFT is like moving a smaller doll into the dollhouse. Some NFTs can even have special conditions for parent-child relationships, just like how certain rooms in the dollhouse might have specific rules.


RMRK 2.0, with its unique features and enhanced functionalities, is like a next-gen vehicle in the world of NFT standards. Its concept of Nestable NFTs and NFT legos introduces new possibilities for the creation and interaction of NFTs, paving the way for innovative and complex NFT projects.

There are tools available to interact with RMRK NFTs, like the KodaDot, similar to having a user manual and a toolkit for your vehicle. As we delve deeper into these tools and the unique features of RMRK 2.0, we will better understand the vast capabilities of this advanced standard.

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