ðŸŽĻContributing as an artist

How else would you contribute to KodaDot? By creating art of course! Your art gives KodaDot the ability to show the world what our creators are capable of. By publishing your art via KodaDot, you're representing us!

But you're not alone! We are passionate about supporting people like you, whether it's by providing them a grant to continue their NFT collection, putting them in our Discord's spotlight, or featuring them on KodaDot.xyz.

Our Discord Spotlight is a channel in our Discord where the most passionate projects get the chance to keep close contact with the community (updates, launches, etc). You can also get the chance to be featured on the front page of KodaDot by being active in our community.

We strongly encourage artists who are joining our space to create or continue their art. We're aware of obstacles that might prevent an artist from doing so, which is why we're heavily backing our artists with support through grants and recognition.

Recognition comes in two ways here at KodaDot:

1) Discord Spotlights

Spotlight is a dedicated category in our Discord where we feature the most active and passionate artists in the space. This is your chance to connect with the rest of the community!

By being spotlighted in our Discord, creators, and collections will be able to communicate with you directly. Whether it'd be compliments, constructive criticism, or just making a new friend, you can count on making meaningful connections here at KodaDot. Through our spotlights, you can update our community members with your newest drops and updates.

2) Homepage Features

Being spotlighted in our Discord gives you a chance to be featured on our homepage. The same rules apply: be an active member and a passionate artist. We pick our homepage features based on eagerness, so make sure to let us know that you're interested in being featured when you join our Discord!

We're more inclined to shine a light on those who have the potential to scale their projects in the long term. We want to invest in someone who's truly passionate about their work rather than someone who's here just to make a quick buck.

Programs for artists

We have two programs that will help you earn something extra on the side.

Does this sound like you? We'll see you on the server.

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