The transfer feature allows you to send KSM (or BSX) between different addresses. You can also create a custom reward link if you want someone to send you some balance. Read on to learn more.
Sending Kusama/Polkadot tokens to other accounts is possible on KodaDot. You only need to connect your wallet and choose the transfer function.

Step 1: Open Transfers

Go to your profile in the top right corner and select Transfer.

Step 2: Select which tokens you want to send

Select which tokens you want to send. At the moment, you can choose between DOT, KSM, and BSX.

Step 3: Fill out all necessary details

Write the address and amount you want to send. You can also choose to see the amount in DOT or USD.
Add more recipients: In case you want to make a batch payment, you can add more recipients to your transfer. Just click on Add recipient +. You can also select send the same amount (to all of them).
Click on Continue and sign the transaction.
If you want someone to send you some funds, you can create a payment link on KodaDot. Fill out the amount you want someone to pay you and click on the three dots in the corner. Select Pay me link. Your link was copied. Now you paste it (ctrl + v).
This link can be sent to your friends or people who will click on it. After they click on it they will be redirected to KodaDot Transfer, where they will see your address already filled with the amount you want them to pay.