GNFT (ERC-721)

Learn about Gear Non-Fungible Tokens (GNFTs), their operation, unique features, and how they are integrated into the KodaDot platform on the Vara network.

What is GNFT?

Gear Non-Fungible Tokens (GNFTs) are unique cryptographic tokens on the Gear smart contract platform. They represent ownership of a unique digital asset. Each GNFT consists of a unique token identifier, commonly known as a token ID, mapped to an owner identifier stored within an NFT smart contract.

How does GNFT operate?

GNFTs function by utilizing the Gear smart contract platform. Advanced features such as transferring ownership, approval permissions, minting new tokens and burning existing ones are embedded within the smart contract.

Unique features of GNFT

GNFTs distinguish themselves by possessing unique features made possible by the Gear smart contract platform. These include customizing the mint function, extending the default NFTCore trait, and tailoring the handle function to suit your NFT contract needs.


Enjoy the flexibility and control that GNFTs offer on the KodaDot platform within the Vara network. More info on GNFTs by Gear can be found here.

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