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Physical presence is very important for us. Our goal is not only to build a project around NFTs but also to educate a wide community. We want to contribute to the growth of Polkadot/Kusama.

These events help us to grow the community and connect various web3 experts, artists, and enthusiasts. As an NFT marketplace, we are dedicated to promoting the Polkadot ecosystem through various events and exhibitions held across Europe. The KodaDot team tries to attend all important web3 conferences to build new relationships with promising projects. Start new collaborations so we can deliver a better product.

And we are not only attending them but also organizing them. The year 2022 was very busy for us and we had a chance to use our previous experience to create exciting events full of good speakers and interesting programs.

Our offline NFT galleries provide a platform for talented artists to showcase their digital artworks in a physical space, offering a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to experience the world of NFTs firsthand.

In 2022, KodaDot organized several successful events across Europe, many of which had their own offline NFT galleries. And we are gearing up for an even more exciting lineup of events in 2023.

We have been to many interesting places in Europe - Berlin, Prague, Lisbon, Budapest, and much more. And besides that, it is not only about the big events but also smaller meetups focused on different target audiences are important.

Recurring events organized by the KodaDot team

SubWork Bled 🇸🇮

And the cherry on the cake? Our co-work space SubWork in Bled, Slovenia! In beautiful nature, surrounded by the Julian Alps. This place was born to connect people with the same goals. A place to build together and a place to have your team retreat.

Stay updated about events/meetups happening in Bled. Follow SubWork Twitter or join our Telegram group focused on this amazing place.

Join this Telegram group to stay updated about all the upcoming events. Don't miss a chance to participate!

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