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Raise your brand awareness with KodaDot
In KodaDot, we're conducting numerous experiments, one of which is a merchandise shop where we've partnered with the best in class to deliver top-notch service for your audience.
Elevate your space with prints from incredible artists.
Plus, be a part of our community collaborations and snag exclusive merch drops celebrating our events. You can have a peek at our top popular designs in Artist Collaborations and Community Collaborations​


Right now, it's in private beta with a pilot program for select artists.
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KodaDot Anime Waifu shirts are now in the wild – get yours!

We launched in February 2023 and have been crushing it with our designs and sales.
Don't take our word for it; check out the glowing testimonials on Twitter!​

Showcase the best of Barcelona, Berlin, Denver, Ljubljana, London, Lisbon, Prague, Toronto and Zagreb with not only KodaDot Waifus but also other new designs

Waifu in gym
Waifus in SubWork
Waifu in Lisbon
Koda Warrior design in Slovenia
Waifu in bedroom
cool waifu in mirror
waifu in metaverse
Waifu in Prague
Waifus in TheBlock Lisbon
Waifu spotted in Barcelona
Waifu in Canada
Our first anime design
Koda warrior in Postojna Cave
Hoodie from Rubentopia
Hoodie from Rubentopia
RubenTopia 🚀
Victor with degen trade
hacker girl at ethprague
lens stuff wearing kodadot
degen trader at ethprague
viki giving talk in prague at polkadot prague
kodaqueen clairee
founders in lisbon
cryptoskullz (author of design on picture!)
spotted during PolkadoPrague event
PolkadotPrague speaker Viki Val
hibernation design
Summer design in Copenhagen
Polkadot Decoded Copenhagen


Bautiful Yuli in Denver design shirt
Hello from ETHParis 2023
Party time in Split, Croatia


VikiVal during Polkadot Prague 2023


Bled design
New design travelling


Bled design


Rubentopia's design


From Lisbon to India


.motherboard hoodie winner

Partnering with the best brands in class

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