Dynamic NFTs

Discover the transformation brought about by Dynamic NFTs on KodaDot and how they revolutionize user interaction in the decentralized applications realm.

What are Dynamic NFTs?

Dynamic NFTs expand the concept of traditional non-fungible tokens by incorporating features that allow them to evolve over time. Unlike conventional NFTs that encapsulate a static digital asset, dynamic NFTs can modify based on various conditions or interactions.

The Inception and Motivation Behind Dynamic NFTs

The demand for more substantial interactivity and engagement within the blockchain space spurred the development of dynamic NFTs. They carry various mutable attributes, such as appearance and properties, influenced by factors like market trends, user preferences, or even real-world scenarios. For instance, a dynamic NFT of a digital piece of art could alter its look based on different times of the day or weather conditions.

Role of KodaDot in Dynamic NFTs

KodaDot brings a new dimension to user engagement with truly on-chain, decentralized applications. Leveraging KodaDot’s distinctive features such as delayed messages and gas reservation, dynamic NFTs can self-modify after specific durations. The gas reservation feature creates gas pools that programs can use for further executions. This innovative mechanism enables contracts to awaken themselves, facilitating dynamic behaviors.


Dynamic NFTs on KodaDot present an exciting innovation in the realm of non-fungible tokens, providing more significant interactivity and involvement in decentralized applications. With the smart contract of KodaDot's NFT available on GitHub, developers are encouraged to dive deeper into this shift in the blockchain ecosystem.

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