Artist Referral Program

KodaDot Generative Artist Referral Program 🎨

Do you know a good generative artist? Then invite him to KodaDot, and you will both get rewarded!

What is generative art?

It's an art created with rules or algorithms, often by coders or programmers. They use computers to set up specific rules or processes, and then the computer follows these to create the artwork. It can result in images, sounds, or animations that might not look the same every time because of randomness or different inputs in the code.

Who can I refer?

  • Active on Farcaster, preferably >200 follows

  • Generative artists with 3k+ followers on Twitter (optional)

  • Mutual followers we know from generative artists' circles

  • Artists with good, eye-catching art

  • Active audience and community

  • History of successful drops on other platforms

  • Artists should send up works they want to mint with us


What can they expect to need to do? Create a collection. The number of NFTs will be discussed once they are selected. We are focusing on collections as big as 32, 64, or 128 NFTs. The collection will be curated under KodaDot. Details of collaboration will be discussed individually with each artist. Minting will be on Base or Polkadot - depends upon the agreement.

All details regarding the code can be found here:

🎲Generative Art


You can get up to 200 USD in tokens to refer an artist, which will be accepted. The reward for each artist will be calculated individually. Referral rewards are paid out once we accept artists and agree to set a date for minting with them.


  1. Find generative artists that fill conditions and are interested.

  2. The artist should fill out the form.

  3. Get in touch with Luu afterward.

Disclaimer: Not all artists will be selected. If there are any doubts, the artist can be rejected during the process.

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