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Learn more about creating a wallet supported on KodaDot. We will also show you how to create a wallet that will be supported on your phone/tablet.

Creating a wallet supporting Polkadot/Kusama is the first key step to starting your journey. KodaDot supports six wallets at the moment. You can see five of them in the picture below. These are wallets you can use on your computer. The sixth wallet is Nova Wallet, which is also supported on phones and tablets.

Supported wallets

Talisman wallet - installaction

This is our favorite wallet. Using it is very easy and intuitive.

Supported browsers

Click here to download it. Below you have links with tutorials if you need them.

Don't forget to always back up your seed phrase!

Nova wallet

The sixth supported wallet is the Nova wallet. Nova Wallet has a big benefit compared to other ones. It supports your activity on your phone and tablet.

You can download it here and use it on your phone/tablet/computer.

Check our video tutorial

The tutorial video may not be up to date.

You can choose whichever wallet you like.

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