Teleport helps you to bridge assets between chains. This feature is necessary if you want to interact with other chains.
In KodaDot, we have two types of teleport:
  • 🟢 Auto teleport: You will receive this option automatically once you want to create/ buy/ interact with NFTs and you don't have enough funds on one chain. It will automatically show during the process.
  • 🔵 Teleport (Bridge): This is the same teleport as above, with the same functionality. The main difference - it's manual. You will find it in the menu below your profile, and you will be able to move your funds between chains as you need.

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It's important to remind you that bridging funds between chains will just move your funds between different chains we support. Your funds can always be returned to the main network, and they don't lose value when you bridge them. The process of bridging is very quick and simple.