🎉Drop Party

To make things a bit more exciting, we recently added a Party Kit to our Drop page. We don't want you to feel alone; it's droptime, so join us at this party! 🚀

What is this Drop party?

When a new drop is launched, after you open it, you may see more cursors moving around the page. Those are fellow collectors who are exploring the page with you! Once you meet them, you know that you are not alone. We are having a party with collectors! ðŸĨģ

What can you see?

  • Fellow collectors and their activity 😎

  • Status: whether they are generating, minting, or just moving around

  • Their art: An NFT they are generating/minting,

  • Amounts in DOT: how big a spender are they, and how much they spend on the NFTs

Here, you can see all the components:

Not a party person?

Don't worry; you can turn off our Drop Party feature if you prefer to buy your art alone. Open the sidebar, head to settings - interface, and turn off the party mode.

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