👅Why KodaDot?

Onboarding for artists: Learn about the benefits of KodaDot. Why should you consider us as the best platform for your precious artwork?


Welcome to our vibrant NFT marketplace, where artists unveil their extraordinary digital masterpieces and connect with a passionate community of art collectors and enthusiasts. Embrace the boundless possibilities of digital art and embark on an enthralling journey today as a valued member of our thriving NFT community! Explore everything you need to know before minting your precious artwork on KodaDot.

Why KodaDot?

We're a cutting-edge multi-chain NFT marketplace in the rapidly evolving Kusama (Polkadot) ecosystem, offering extremely low minting and transaction fees. We currently support 9 NFT standards (RMRKv1, RMRKv2, MoonBeam, MoonRiver, Basilisk, Statemine Uniques, Statemine NFT pallete, Statemint Uniques, Statemint NFT pallete) with 3 more in the pipeline (Astar, Aleph Zero, Gear/Vara). Our robust developer community has propelled us into the top 3 Polkadot projects and the #1 dapp by GitHub metrics within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Join us and share your artwork with the world while immersing yourself in our creative community. We're on the lookout for innovative, talented artists who will regularly mint their art and contribute to our diverse showcase, featuring an array of art styles and formats (GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, WEBP, MP4, OGV, QUICKTIME, WEBM, GLB, FLAC, MP3, JSON, and more).

Perks for Artists

  • Streamlined Onboarding

    • We'll gladly assist you with the minting process if needed. Just reach out to us via social media. For premium artists, we'll even cover the minting fees.

  • Boost Visibility

    • Enjoy regular promotion of your art on our social media platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Instagram) to expand your reach, drive sales, and foster loyalty among collectors.

  • Spotlight Your NFTs

    • Showcase your art on KodaDot through various avenues, such as featured interviews, KodaCast podcast, Twitter Spaces, and other visually captivating content.

  • Engage in Our Discord Community

    • Share your art, collaborate with fellow artists, and participate in art-design guild competitions or commission projects.

  • Innovative Features

    • Our marketplace boasts unique features like offer-making and royalties on the Basilisk chain. Our developers strive to enhance your minting experience with rewarding functionalities.

  • Additional Benefits

    • Custom-styled storefronts, future-proof interoperable/multi-chain collections, SDKs for game integrations, and more await you on KodaDot.


Earn rewards for introducing new artists to KodaDot, a fantastic opportunity for NFT enthusiasts and premium artists can participate in our exclusive artist ambassador program by fulfilling specific criteria.

🎆KodaDot's Programs

Our physical presence in the World

KodaDot's Offline NFT Galleries

Showcase your NFTs not only online but also through our offline events, providing an exciting opportunity to interact with potential buyers in person.

In 2022, KodaDot hosted numerous events:

  • Four NFT gallery events (450, 150, 400, 50 attendees) in Berlin, Lisbon, Brno, and Budapest

  • Six in-person events (100, 450, 150, 400, 400, 80 attendees)

  • KodaDot actively participates in the organization of web3/crypto conferences across the globe.

Read more about KodaDot events here:

🗓️KodaDot events

Get in touch

  • For inquiries, reach out to our Artist Relations manager, Luuu

  • Encounter an issue while using KodaDot? Earn rewards for reporting bugs.

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