3️⃣Add Funds to your wallet

Once you have created your wallet, you need to add funds into it so you can freely create, buy, list or transfer NFTs.

On KodaDot you can buy NFTs with Kusama (KSM) or Polkadot (DOT). Depending on what chain your NFT is.

There are two ways you can do it:

  1. Sending funds from another crypto address: You may have some funds on an exchange or another wallet. In this case, use your Polkadot wallet to find your address.

The best way to find your address is just to use the wallet you downloaded, but you can also find it in your profile on KodaDo. You can copy the address directly. Be careful about what chain you are!

  1. Add funds via on-ramp service: Adding funds directly on KodaDo through our provider. This process is easy and quick, so let's take a look.

Step 1: Click on Add Funds

Open your profile in the top right corner and click on the colorful circle. In the sidebar that will appear, you should be able to find the Add Funds button.

Step 2: Select a Provider

First, you have to agree with KodaDot's terms of use, and then you are able to select a provider. I personally prefer Ramp, but feel free to use other options, too.

Adding funds via Ramp:

Step 3: Fill necessary details

Select your currency and the currency you want to buy (DOT or KSM) and choose the amount.

The minimum amount of funds you can add can vary depending on what currency you are buying or what provider you are using.

If you are buying:

  • KSM: Minimum amount is around 18 USD (or 16.50 EUR)

  • DOT: Minimum amount is around 8 USD (or 7 EUR)

Step 4: Click on Proceed

Click on Proceed and fill in other details they are asking for: your email address. You will receive a confirmation code you will need to fill out.

Then you need to fill out your Polkadot/Kusama address (depending on what you are currently buying). Always check if you added the correct address.

Double check so you don't fill in your Kusama address instead of Polkadot one or the opposite.

Step 5: Select payment method

You have more options to choose from. Select the one you are most comfortable with and continue.

Depending on the payment method, you may be asked to fill in details like your name or your address. They also may ask if the wallet you use is yours.

Fill in all the details and proceed to confirmation.

Congratulations, you added your funds!

Now, you can jump back to KodaDot and start shopping/creating.

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