Drop Page

Unique feature that is now available on KodaDot is one of the most exciting things you can have as an artist.

What is a Drop Page?

Usually, when an NFT project announces its upcoming drop, it is done on its official Twitter or Discord platform. The announcement usually includes details about the allowlist, the reveal, and the drop schedule. This creates a perfect opportunity to get people excited about the upcoming collection.
When you go to and in the right-up corner select Drops, you will see drops that are happening at the moment. They are time-limited collections that are created for a specific audience. The goal of these is to create a unique experience for people visiting our platform. Artists, creators, and collectors can use and, in some cases, obtain free NFTs, with extra surprises coming with each one.
Each Drop has its own individual and dedicated page. There are many things that can be customized here. Phases, limits, availability, and schedule are the basic things artists and projects can plan to make the experience more attractive. You can show off specific NFTs as an example or add them all so that people can choose directly with NFT they want to mint. I mean, there are a lot of possibilities.
And minting? It's simple. Connect your wallet and mint your free (sometimes paid) NFT. And these NFTs are not any Polkadot NFTs. Drop Page is a canvas that can be customized to suit various needs. During this time, when I was writing this article, we had two drops open. Both were NFTs created with the help of an AI minter, trained for different results. You simply connect your wallet and mint an NFT, and the AI model will create a unique one for you, and it will mint it directly to your wallet.

Unlockable surprise

But that's not all. We connected unlockables so you can experience the excitement of unlocking hidden rewards! Each NFT from official KodaDot drops had hidden content available only for those who minted their NFT. You only need to check your profile to find the NFT and click "Unlockable Content" to reveal the surprise.
In the category Upcoming, you can see planned future drops. There you can also find a drop page for people interested in having one. Your page can also be there. ❤️

A bundle of features you can combine 💫

We already mentioned some of the features we implemented in this article. All of them are customizable. You can choose which one you want and which one you don't. Here is a small preview of the main features we have:

1. Dedicated times for minting

Select what day your minting starts, what hours will be available, and how long. We can adjust this to your needs. Minting one hour every day for one week? No problem. We can also include an attractive countdown so your audience can better understand upcoming events.

2. Limits

The basic limit is selecting how many NFTs in total can be minted. This varies on your collection size, but in some cases (AI minting, generative art), this number can be adjusted regarding your preferences.
You can also limit mints by the number of NFTs that can be minted at various times. Choose how many can be minted max during different phases. And, of course, we can show the availability of your NFTs so people know how much of them are left.

3. AI tools

We had anime waifus in our previous campaigns—created by a highly trained AI model. Im sure we can also use it in your case. You just need to tell us your idea.
Do you want your custom link to your drop page? No problem. In some exceptional cases, we can also hide your Drop so you can target a specific audience.

5. Free mint — Paid mint

Depends on you. You can choose.

6. Connection with our merch shop

This is one of the BEST benefits we offer. We allow you to connect your NFT collection to our merch shop and reward your loyal audience with a free merchandise drop. Depending on your budget, the size of the project, and the audience, we can offer you some starting amount for free.

7. Your design in our shop

To make these drops even more interesting, we allow, in some cases, custom designs in our shop. You only need to deliver your design, and our shop will handle everything else.

8. Unlockables

Adding your own unlockable content.

And More

We already have a lot of features, and we are still planning to add more in the future. Is something missing from the list? Let us know! Our team can work on it.

Interested? 🔥

If you are a project planning to come out with a new cool collection, or just an artist trying to do something new? Let's work on it together. You are welcome to fill out this form and let us know your idea. If you want to connect your collection with our shop, you need to consider the budget you are willing to use. This form will give us a brief idea about your plans. All details will be discussed later —  We will get in touch with you.