ðŸĐĩPreparation for the Drop

Proper preparation for the drop can make a huge difference. You are building your audience and reputation and getting more attention focused on you. Please read this page carefully!

Finishing your code is just the start. But we can say the most challenging part is behind you. We must still focus on selling the art and getting it out there. First of all, before you start with marketing efforts, make sure that your code is working correctly.

1) Test it, test it, test it

On KodaDot, we prioritize art that is fast, smooth, and good-looking. As mentioned on the previous pages, your art needs to fill some conditions. Once your art is ready, take your time and play with the code-checker, try variations, and check if anything is lagging and the art looks like it was supposed to look. Use our code-checker to do all these steps:

Remember to use the export function to generate a mock collection to assess whether the project has enough variety!

Generating 20 NFTs at once can help you see more examples of your art. The process is quick and easy, and it allows you to see if the art looks good.

2) Is my art good enough?

It's important to know if people will like your art. Getting feedback from your fellow artists, community, or people around you can help you assemble a project that will be liked. Don't hesitate to ask about opinions on your social media; feedback is always valued!

Always take your time; if you are unsure your collection is ready, decide on new deadlines. Your art should always reflect your best work. Sometimes, stepping back and returning the next day will do the magic.

3) Story of your art

Your collection should have proper naming and story. With naming, we prefer short collection names (only one word), as they look better on our UI. With a story, you can be creative. Leave your fantasy to tell it. You spend quite some time preparing it, and only you can tell us all about it. You can share this story in the description of your NFTs or on your social media.

Collectors like to learn about art, so let's give them something. We recommend you think about the story as soon as you start working on your idea. Once you start working on your story, getting it out there will help you build stronger connections with your followers.

The description for your art should not be too short. You can write about yourself as an artist, the process, what you wanted to capture with the art, what you want to say to your collectors, and many more.

4) Focus on your social media

Once you start a new project, your collectors and audience are the most important people you should focus on. It's very important to keep them updated, tease them, and prepare for the drop.

Share your art on your socials:

  • Share WIPs regularly. This will help you connect with your collectors, as they will be able to see the progress of the art, and regular posts will help you grow.

  • Ask for feedback, as it may help you create a project that your collectors are longing for.

  • Build your engagement around competitions/games - small competitions where people can win free NFT can make a difference.

  • Share your posts on other platforms - to get more engagement.

  • Being active on social media shows that you are dedicated to your project.

5) Farcaster Game

Farcaster is an innovative, open-source, decentralized social network. We highly recommend you build your profile on this platform and grow your audience here. A lot of artists, especially generative ones, are now intensely focused on this platform.

  • Learn about Farcaster - learn about how it works or how to use $degen to build your reputation.

  • Follow /koda channel on Farcaster and post your regular updates here

  • Post your art to other generative channels such as /gen-art or /le-random /geometric to grow your followers

  • Post regularly, engage with other artists, and be active

6) Be creative

There are many ways to build your project. Be creative and use all your powers to promote it.

  • Write an article about your project, tell a story about it

  • Join various communities that may be interested in your art

  • Try other forms of content like videos, gifs, and collages of your art - visually appealing content always wins.

  • Create unique content. Every artist is different, and there can be something you are good at.

  • Get your art out there - participate in exhibitions and competitions to add value to your art. Follow KodaDot on other channels so you don't miss open calls to participate in our exhibitions.

6) Plan your Drop

Proper planning and communication are the keys. Plan your announcements ahead of time to better connect with your audience.

  • Share WIPs

  • Share the drop date/time ahead so people can prepare to collect it

  • Share your art even after the drop

  • Make engaging content like competitions

  • Try other channels. Once you post your post, please share the link in other channels, such as various Discord and Telegram groups, or directly share it with people who may find it interesting.

  • Be active - post regularly, reply to comments, and engage with other artists.

Building a strong social profile is the most important thing as a digital artist, and your profile is the first thing everyone will see once they deep-dive into your art!

7) Educate your followers

Once your art is ready and your drop date is approaching, help your collectors mint the art by explaining the process to them.

Inform them about these facts:

  • Where will the art be minted

  • What currency will they be using

  • What wallet can they use

  • How and where to mint

  • Is there something they need to know?

Keep in mind that you should share these details once you are 100% sure about them. Announcing the date or time and then changing it may be confusing for your audience.

The KodaDot team can provide you with all these details, so don't hesitate to ask. You collectors should feel comfortable collecting your art. Not everyone has the experience, and people may struggle.

If you follow these steps, your art will get all the attention it deserves.

Good luck!

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