🐦Buying NFTs on Kusama

Process of buying NFTs on Kusama is very simple.

Before you start, you must have a wallet and some KSM. start here if you haven't started with these steps yet:

1️⃣Create your wallet2️⃣Connect your wallet3️⃣Add Funds to your wallet

Step 1: Choose the correct network

Go to https://kodadot.xyz/, connect your wallet, and choose Kusama in the top right corner.

Step 2: Explore NFTs

To explore Kusama NFTs click on explore in the top right corner and choose between collections or items (all NFTs in collections).

There are a few things in the menu under Explore that you can change in your search. You can sort them by different attributes. If you click on Items - to see prices, just toggle on the button Buy now. Wait till the transaction is processed, it may take a moment.

Step 3: Where to find your freshly bought NFT?

After you buy your NFT, you can find it in your profile between collected NFTs.

Congratulations! You are the new owner of your favorite NFT! 😎

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