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KodaDot reigns supreme as the most popular open-source project among NFT marketplaces. Built using a combination of Nuxt, Vue, and other top OSS packages, it's become a go-to framework for developers worldwide.

Recognition in Polkadot Ecosystem

KodaDot is known in the Polkadot ecosystem as the most favourite Dapp in the Polkadot ecosystem by Github Metrics.
Currently, KodaDot is gaining popularity with 453 stars and 261 forks – and those numbers keep rising every day.
Our Github organization, KodaDot, boasts 100+ developers and an array of talented contributors.
More detailed contributors' activity of our repository nft-gallery you can find in our
KodaDot ranks in the top 3 most popular tools for Polkadot.
It’s right up there with Substrate, MoonBeam, and ink! (smart contract language).

2021 - Laying the foundation for a solid codebase.

  • Received Treasury Funding to implement RMRK1.0
  • In under a week, KodaDot's frontend was translated into 16 different languages thanks to enthusiastic volunteers. That's what we call a successful hack!
  • We won Green NFT hackathon by Gitcoin as winning participants as most popular NFT explorer on the Kusama network.
  • Received Treasury funding to implement the initial version of uniquesV1 pallet running on Statemine.

2022 - Hard grind way up


We've crushed every hackathon we've entered. 💪
  • KodaDot founders have an appetite for winning prizes and won Polkadot North America hackathon as First place in NFT category for implementing MoonSama contracts on EVM based parachains like MoonBeam and MoonRiver, which makes KodaDot the first multi-chain NFT marketplace in Polkadot.
  • KodaDot kept grinding and won second place on AmsterDot Hack which was a popular online Polkadot Hackathon with integrating Basilisk parachain.
  • KodaDot's Dall-e hack just won first place at BlockSplit's Encode Hackathon. With Creative Mint, artists can now label their pictures and create compelling storylines for their mint - all thanks to KodaDot!

Hitting all-time high on pull-requests per month

Our small team of 10 contributors has been crushing it, averaging over 250 pull-requests per month!

Distributed over $300k in bounties to contributors

KodaDot distributed over $300k in $KSM bounties to developers contributors in 1000+ pull-requests and looking forward to grinding on this successful Gitcoin-like model on project basis.

AI-enabled anime waifu NFT minter

The KodaDot team used Stable Diffusion anime waifu models to engineer AI-enabled NFT minter. With over 300 active addresses, they've successfully minted and claimed anime waifu pictures through their KodaDot campaigns.
KodaDot team organized in 2022 events like Dotsama Prague (100+), NFT Berlin (400+), DOTBrno with physical NFT gallery (150+), Lisbon opening governance panel (400+), Parachain Lisbon open air (100), Closing sub0 ceremony with physical gallery (600+).
Now under the flag of KodaCon brand, organizes PolkadotPrague, NFTPrague and helping organize conferences like UTXO (1000+)

2023 - Growing userbase across other ecosystems

We're committed to growing open-source web3 tooling and we're dogfooding our own creations.

Open Source toolbox for NFT Dapps

Our toolbox includes payout bot, minimark, metasquid, sub-api, uniquery, and a host of other useful tools for developers building NFT Dapps in the ecosystem.


Speed up your NFT dapp development with KodaDot API. Use our open-source infrastructure to build the features you need for your use case, faster.

Fandom Shop

As artists, you deserve better tools to grow your audience and successfully launch NFTs. Our mission is to simplify this process for you so that you can focus on building sustainable storylines with your NFT holders. Let us help you achieve success.

Deno implementation

We took the role to leverage Deno & Fresh for this and hack was made in less than day.
Check out our whitelabel Fandom Shop in action with a live demo:

Community build storefronts on top of KodaDot API

Nuxt3 minimal

NextJS + Vercel

Svelte NFT items showcase for smartTV screens

Adam has built on top of Uniquery NFT items showcase in less than a few hours.

New Unlockables in beta

KodaDot is shaking up the NFT game with its Polkadot MiniConf special series. Users are flocking to claim t-shirts with unique artist designs that come with exclusive physical merch unlockables.

Coworking space - SubWork, Bled, Slovenia

SubWork -- First existing candidate for Polkadot Hub in Bled, Slovenia.
K-team is renovating their HQ starting in April 2022 to improve the wellbeing of their team.
But that's not all - they're inviting web3 builders to join them and launch their projects with a go-to-market strategy! With room for up to 30 daily coworkers and events for up to 80 people, SubWork is ready to host your next big thing.
SubWork kicked off the holiday season with a bang, hosting an epic Christmas party in December 2022 with over 30 attendees. Plus, their Polkadot Mini Conf was a smashing success, drawing in more than 50 people.
Every day, six dreamers are grinding to make their vision a reality.

Launching integration of Statemine in KodaDot

KodaDot revolutionizes the NFT market with support for Uniques v1.1 pallet as the first NFT marketplace in Polkadot, enabling seamless buying and selling of non-fungible assets on a common good parachain. You can peak on progress in traking issue.

Upcoming features in KodaDot

  • link treasury proposals in 2021 section
  • add few more pictures from implementations & hackathons where it's mising