Basilisk NFT Pallet

Unleash your creativity with KodaDot's Basilisk NFT Pallet. Explore, create, and manage your NFTs with ease on our intuitive platform, making your journey in the NFT universe a joyous adventure.

Understanding the Basilisk NFT Pallet on KodaDot

Welcome to KodaDot's user-friendly integration of the Basilisk NFT Pallet. Here, interactions with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) become seamless, joyful and creative. This is your arena to explore, create, own, trade and manage NFTs with ease.


In the simplest terms, think of the Basilisk NFT Pallet as the powerhouse of our NFT marketplace. It's a technology that provides functionalities to facilitate your NFT journey. Don't worry about the technical aspects; instead, focus on creating your digital art, setting your price, and even earning royalties from future sales!

Roles and Permissions

Imagine that you've created an NFT collection on the marketplace. Various roles manage this collection. As an 'Owner', you can make changes to your collection or team. As an 'Admin', you could modify attributes or lock certain properties. 'Issuers' are responsible for minting NFTs into a collection and 'Freezers' can restrict item transfers.

Creating a Collection and Minting an NFT

Under the Basilisk NFT Pallet, you have the power to create, modify and set attributes to your NFTs. You can create collections, and each NFT within your collection can be unique and fully customized.

Uploading and Assigning Metadata

After minting your NFT, upload your NFT file and related metadata. Once this step is accomplished, it will be assigned a unique Content Identifier (CID), which can later be assigned to your created collection.

Additional Actions

Our NFT Pallet is laden with offerings! From buying and burning items, updating attributes, setting metadata to transferring ownership – you gain access to an array of actions over your NFTs. We're also working on additional features, such as NFT fractionalization and mass minting, to enrich your NFT experience.


Incorporating the Basilisk NFT Pallet, KodaDot simplifies your journey in the NFT universe. So, without any delay, dive in the artistic blockchain space, express your creativity, and carve a niche in the digital world. Remember, our team is just a click away if you need any assistance. Happy minting!

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