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This dedicated space on our Wiki invites an ever-expanding community of KodaDot enthusiasts and writers to actively participate in our discourse by creating insightful content.

What is Content guild?

Guilds is an initiative that encourages writers within our community to actively contribute, offering unique insights and thought-provoking content to enrich our collective knowledge and propel our vision. It's completely free to participate, and all you need to do is claim your 'Writer' role on our Discord server for a chance to reap significant benefits, including weekly prize pools.

Here is a more detailed breakdown:

Guild Structure:

  1. Frequency: We publish a new bounty either once a week or once every two weeks, based on KodaDot's newest updates. This rhythm allows our writers to stay at the forefront of our developments and movements while giving them ample time to craft their contributions.

  2. Bounties/Content Selection: Topics cover a gamut of themes directly mirroring KodaDot's latest enhancements. Chosen topics are communicated in advance in the Discord channel, providing sufficient time for research, brainstorming, and content creation.

  3. Prize Pools: Each week, we distribute a generous prize pool of $250. This reward system incentivizes high-quality, engaging content while offering tangible benefits to our dedicated community members.

  4. Requirements: To maximize your content's visibility and engagement, we recommend posting your tweet at your peak activity period (discoverable via your Twitter stats). Retweeting the same after 12 hours can further increase its reach. Always remember to implement the specified rules and include the relevant hashtags and tags in all your posts.

  5. Evaluation: A comprehensive, points-based system is employed to evaluate all contributions, ensuring transparency and fairness at all levels. Entrants are scored on various criteria including the originality of the content, its quality, the extent of audience engagement gathered, and the level of adherence to the bounty requirements.

Guild Workflow:

Our workflow is dynamic and seeks to maintain the vigor and enthusiasm among our writers. It consists of creating anticipatory buzz about the upcoming bounties, actively inviting creators, unveiling the first template of the bounty, and subsequently promoting it across our Twitter platform to garner more participation from diverse content creators.

As we combine collective efforts and creative thinking, we take further steps towards shaping the future of NFTs. Whether you're a KodaDot veteran or a first-time participant, your perspectives are invaluable to our growth. Join our Content Guild today and let's craft interesting narratives together in the KodaDot ecosystem.

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