Favorite collections

We highlighted a few of our favourite NFT collections minted on KodaDot. Each collection is created by someone else, with passion and patience.
There is a lot of good art on KodaDot, but we decided to highlight collections that we found interesting in some way. Either they were created by someone exceptional, or they are a result of some collaboration, or we just like them.


​This collection was created in 2023 as a collaboration with GraviDAO, a project coming from Polygon, trying to explore the Polkadot ecosystem. There are 500 pieces minted, and each piece combines typography, vibrant color schemes, immersive backgrounds, and sometimes captivating 3D charms to offer a visually stunning and collectible digital art experience.
Example of artpieces
On top of that, all pieces have 4 supreme "values" or "kachikan" (価値観)) as traits in the NFT metadata, further adding to the depth and meaning behind each piece. Read the article to learn more about this collection.


​This collection was created by Sebicified, a talented 3D artist who is behind all Kodachain NFTs that you will find on KodaDot. If you visited events that were organized by us in 2023, you probably received one of these as a POAP. These NFTs were also used in different campaigns. If you don't have any, it's still possible to buy one from the initial first collection. We believe that they will be more valuable as time goes by.


A mix between traditional and digital is not uncommon in the world of NFTs. Barro, a Dutch artist, brought us his collection created by his hand. His goal is to create a unique opportunity for art lovers, collectors, and investors to create a community where art is cherished and there is room for collaboration between individuals. There will be 300 pieces minted.
You can also expect to see more from Barro, and his creations don't have a limit. Do you want to own one? Here you can find an article guide on how to become an owner of one of his NFTs.


Do you like collections that are more than collections? Then read on! These NFTs are not only artistically interesting, but they also allow you to play and solve crypto puzzles!
Do you want to know more about these puzzle NFTs? Read an interview article with the artist that we prepared for you.

Cyber Girl

Cyber Girl is a collection of PFP NFTs. It is not the first collection created by this artist on KodaDot. But they have something in common. This cyber girl is a strong inspiration for the artist who is always portraying her in different places, stories, and motivations.
With lovely colors and unique styles, all NFTs in this collection are beautiful. Who is the artist, and what is the idea behind his art? You can learn more about that in the interview article.

More popular collections will be added soon.