Roadmap & upcoming features

A lot of exciting things are coming to KodaDot. Read on to learn about our planned integrations.

Planned features

Planned features that will land in the KodaDot in the upcoming weeks and months. All of them aim to improve your experience.



Step up your fandom bonding game with our upcoming NFT collectible toolbox and other powerful tools for audience growth.



New NFT protocols 2023 H1 & H2

  • Statemine integration: Enable users to mint, trade, and manage NFTs within the Statemine ecosystem.
  • Indexing Popular EVM Collections on Ethereum: Expand our platform's reach by incorporating widely-used EVM collections from the Ethereum network.
  • Tezos Integration: Collaborate with the Tezos ecosystem, allowing users to engage with a diverse range of NFT projects.
  • Parachain Integration and WASM Contracts on Rococo: Develop interoperability with parachains and execute WASM contracts on the Rococo test network (nft-gallery#5729).
  • NFT Pallet Integration: Incorporate multiple NFT pallets from various chains like Basilisk, GameDao(SubZero), and Unique Network.
  • Ajuna / Bajun Network Integration (#206)
    • No minting, only actions such as LIST, SEND, and BUY.
    • Integrate Ajuna Avatars into the KodaDot marketplace

We will be updating this page with our new goals and plans!