It's important to know what fees you are paying while you use our platform. To have a better idea, read these pages to learn about different fees.

KodaDot fees

Each network has a slightly different fee structure. Read on to learn more about them. We will go through the following:

  • Asset Hub fees

  • Kusama fees

  • RMRK2 fees

Learn about these fees

🅰ïļpageAssetHub FeesðŸĶpageKusama Fees (RMRK, RMRK2)

Carbonless Fee (optional)ðŸŠī

This is an optional fee you don't have to pay. On KodaDot, all NFTs are paying this fee by default. To learn how to toggle off this option read this page:

pageðŸŠī Carbonless Fee (optional)

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