๐Ÿชด Carbonless Fee (optional)

You can decide if you want to support our carbonless movement and pay extra fee for a good cause.

In your Settings - Minting page, you can choose if you want to pay extra USD to create carbonless NFTs. For each NFT you mint, you will pay an extra 1 USD. ๐ŸŒฑ

By default, these minting fees are turned off - you are not paying anything extra.

This carbonless 1 USD will go to RMTerra - a community reforestation food forest project built with transparency and care for Mother Earth. After minting, you will see your NFT has โ€œCarbonlessโ€ in the properties. Only NFTs that supported this movement will have this extra property. ๐Ÿ’ซ

Turning on/off extra fees

Step1: Go to your Profile: Settings - Minting and toggle on the first two options:

Step 2: Click on Minting and look at the options. Both fees are toggled off by default (same as in the picture below - this means you are not paying extra fees).

  • I do not want to support: help to cover costs of your stored NFTs

  • I don't want to have carbonless NFT: support carbonless movement

If you toggle on the options, the options will change like this:

Be aware!! Each time you close the KodaDot page, your fees will reset to default settings - they will turn off again.

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