🐦Kusama Fees (RMRK, RMRK2)

It’s known that Polkadot (Kusama), in general, has very low minting fees.

  • The basic flat fee is $0.5 per minted collection on Kusama.

  • For the NFT mint, it's also $0.5 per each NFT minted

  • Optional: Carbonless NFT: You also pay an extra $1 for each NFT if you want it to be carbonless. Click on this link to learn about how to turn off these optional fees:

page🪴 Carbonless Fee (optional)

RMRK2 difference in prices

KodaDot vs. Singular: why are prices different?

You may notice that there is a difference between prices on the RMRK2 network on these two marketplaces. The same NFT can be bought on both platforms but at different prices. Why is that happening?

The reason for that is that Singular shows prices with their fee and royalties, and on KodaDot, we show what's real on-chain. On top of it, we also add royalties and a 3% market fee.




You can see that Singular has a higher price than KodaDot. But in reality, the price is the same. KodaDot is just showing the on-chain price.

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