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Second network you can use on KodaDot is Basilisk. It had its own unique features and benefits.
Basilisk is a liquidity bootstrapping protocol designed to operate as a parachain in Kusama, the Substrate canary network from the Polkadot family. Its mission is to enable frictionless liquidity that caters to the evolving needs of crypto assets - both fungible and non-fungible (NFTs).

Benefits of Basilisk

Besides minting and listing NFTs, the Marketplace also brings the ability to set a royalty fee (a percentage of every trade goes to the owner of the fee) and to place an offer for non-listed NFTs. In this way, you can suggest paying different prices for your NFTs.

How to use it on KodaDot?

On the KodaDot page, you first need to choose the Basilisk network. For now, you have to switch between networks manually, but in the near future we plan to add cross-chain capabilities and this step will not be needed anymore.
You can change your network in the top right corner, next to your profile.

How to mint and buy Basilisk NFTs?

Choose which tutorial you want to read:
If you are interested to learn more about Basilisk, read their documentation.