Kusama Asset Hub

Statemine is another parachain on Kusama. Statemine NFTs are supported on KodaDot.

Kusama Asset Hub (before Statemine) is the Kusama instance of Polkadotโ€™s Asset Hub (Statemint) parachain, a common-good chain that allows the hosting of arbitrary assets, both fungible and non-fungible. It also serves as a low-cost chain for keeping and transferring the Relay Chainโ€™s native token (KSM/DOT).

Kusama Asset Hub can have NFTs (i.e., Statemine NFTs), and initially, Kusama did not natively have NFTs (i.e., so initially, Kusama NFTs were not a thing). But the RMRK specification enabled Kusama to have NFTs natively.

Explore more Statemine NFTs on KodaDot.

Existential deposit

Balance transfers and the Existential Deposit (ED) of KSM on Statemine is about 1/10th of the values on the Relay chain. For example, the Existential Deposit of a Statemine account is 0.000033 KSM, when compared to 0.000333 KSM on Kusama.



Read more about fees/deposits on Statemine here.

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